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Different skin cancers explained

Skin cancer is one of many cancers that can impact the body. Fortunately, it is also the easiest to diagnose in the early stages! At Kendall Dermatology in Miami, Florida, we are here to help. With information on what to look for, the types of cancer that can develop, and treatment plans, we provide patients with solutions from start to finish. We also highly recommend that patients book annual skin cancer screenings with our dermatologist to ensure that they are monitoring their skin’s health and catching cancer in the earliest stages for the best possible outcome!

Why types of skin cancer can be diagnosed?

When it comes to skin cancer, there are three specific types that can be diagnosed as follows:

  • Basal cell carcinoma – Dr. Michael C. Margulies describes basal cell carcinoma, or BCC’s, as growths that are commonly found on areas where sun exposure has occurred and is the most common form of skin cancer. Approximately 4 million Americans are diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma every year. With early detection and treatment, this type of skin cancer is rarely fatal for individuals.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma – another type of skin cancer is the squamous cell carcinoma, or better known as SCC. This type of cancer is also found on sun-exposed areas, though it can also be found elsewhere on the body in less common situations. It is the second most common type of skin cancer diagnosed with over 1 million Americans diagnosed in a year.
  • Melanoma – melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer, and often develops in moles and other pigmentated areas. They can be found anywhere on the body and can be fatal if not detected and treated in the earlier stages.

Are you concerned about skin cancer?

Now is a great time to start scheduling annual skin cancer screenings with the team at Kendall Dermatology. Dr. Michael C. Margulies and his team in Miami, Florida are available to help new and current patients at his practice, conveniently located at 8940 North Kendall Drive in Suite 704E. Patients can call (305) 595-0393 to request a visit with our staff and learn more about prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of this and other skin concerns.

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