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How Can I Prevent Acne Scarring?

Patients who have active cases of acne need to work with a professional to not only improve their skin’s health and appearance, but to help reduce the risk of developing acne scars. These scars are imperfections on the skin that may remain long after acne has been treated. These imperfections may present themselves as deep indentations of the skin called ice pick scars, or rolling dimples across the skin of the face. Regardless of the type of acne scarring left behind, there are ways for patients to reduce their risk of scarring while struggling with active acne and seeking treatment with a dermatologist.

Below are a few ways in which patients with acne can address their condition and eliminate the chances of acne leaving behind permanent imperfections:

  • Use medication to treat acne. First and foremost, patients should be working with a dermatologist to treat their acne, eliminating the inflammation and pimples that often leave behind permanent scarring. Treatments for acne may include topical therapies, light treatments, or systemic medications.
  • Leave your pimples alone. It can be hard to avoid picking at pimples, especially those filled with puss and causing discomfort. It is best to have a professional treat a large pimple to reduce the risk of scarring.
  • Reduce inflammation. Inflammation is known for causing discoloration of the skin following acne. Patients can use topical products with sulfur to decrease inflammation and redness, while reducing the chance of scarring.
  • Consider acne scarring treatments. If it is already too late and the acne scars are present, consider resurfacing treatments such as laser therapies. In most cases, these treatments can improve texture and tone while reducing the depth and appearance of acne scars.

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