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How can your diet impact skin health?

The adage “you are what you eat” has never meant more when it comes to skin health. Dr. Michael Margulies and his team at Margulies Dermatology of Miami, FL takes time to educate patients on the benefits of taking care of their skin—with a nutritional diet!

How diet impacts skin health

Our body is a machine, and when we fuel it with the right foods, we can ensure it stands the test of time. Tired, dull, and dry skin may not only be an issue on the outside, but may be linked to the health of our body as a whole. Skin health starts from the inside and it is vital that we nourish the skin through smart dietary choices. In addition to the exposure to the elements that can impact the skin, the foods we eat can also play a role in its health and appearance.

How can I improve my diet to improve my skin?

Below are a few tips from Dr. Michael Margulies on how to enhance your skin through your diet:

  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. It is critical that you “eat the rainbow” to obtain as many antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins from the food you enjoy.
  • Avoid fast-food. The traditional American diet often consists of fast-foods on a regular basis. Diets rich in fats and high in sugar may cause inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Anti-inflammatory whole foods are best.
  • Avoid processed and packaged foods. Many of these products have no nutritional value, and can also trigger skin issues such as eczema. Eat a diet that is as fresh and whole as possible, considering a routine with lots of natural fruits and vegetables, whole wheat, and lean proteins.

Learn more about how to care for your skin from the inside out!

At Margulies Dermatology, Miami, FL area patients can achieve beautiful, healthy skin with the help of our providers. If you are ready to take care of your skin and improve its health, it starts with an evaluation with Dr. Michael Margulies. Call the office at (305) 595-0393 to request an appointment at our facility, conveniently located at 8940 N. Kendall Drive in Suite #704E in Miami.

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