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How technology can help you now

Thanks to continued advances in technology, dermatologists have the ability to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions of the skin and body. At Kendall Dermatology, we use the latest in lasers and light therapies to improve the skin’s health and appearance. However, that’s not where technology ends here! With the COVID-19 coronavirus concerns, technology can now allow patients to visit their dermatologist virtually with video appointments.

How we are helping patients during the COVID-19 crisis

Dr. Michael C. Margulies understands that many patients are concerned right now about the unprecedented times we are facing in the world today. However, we also know that patients still need medical care from a specialist. Patients in need of dermatological care are welcome to visit with our doctors in one of two ways:

In-office appointments – Dr. Michael C. Margulies and his associates remain open during this time, and still encourage new and current patients to consider visiting him personally for the best possible care. Certain conditions and treatments require patients to come into our office, including patients considering injectables or laser therapies. These cannot be done in any other way. However, we take the proper steps to disinfect and sanitize the devices, stations, examination rooms, and all patient contact surfaces appropriately after each visit and at the end of the business day.

Virtual appointment – For patients just consulting with their doctor or undergoing a quick follow-up appointment, a virtual visit may be what the doctor ordered! Aging patients or those with preexisting conditions that make them at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 can connect with our team via video conferencing, sometimes referred to as telemedicine. These are perfect for patients who do not require a physical treatment but instead a visual examination or follow-up from a previous appointment.

Call Kendall Dermatology today

Miami, Florida area patients who are ready to work with a dermatological professional to improve the health and appearance of their smile are urged to connect with Dr. Michael C. Margulies and his associates to schedule an in-person or video appointment. Call the office at (305) 595-0393 to request your appointment and work with our professionals today!

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