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How to identify common skin problems

Our skin is exposed to the elements every day and is the largest organ on the body. Because of this, it is ever-changing. Patients need to take care of their skin to ensure it is clean and healthy. When patients develop certain skin issues, however, it is important for them to work with a dermatologist to get a proper diagnosis of their problem and find an effective solution and treatment.

What are some common skin problems?

There are many conditions that can impact the skin, so getting a proper diagnosis is the first step in finding a solution. Common skin issues that may be indicative of a problem that needs to be seen by a dermatologist include:

  • Rashes, especially those that are itchy and painful
  • Red or white raised bumps on the skin
  • Patches of scaly or rough skin
  • Dry, cracked skin on the face and body
  • Ulcers
  • Peeling or discoloration areas of skin
  • Open sores and lesions
  • Changes to preexisting moles

When patients are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is a smart idea to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Michael Margulies. Determining the cause of symptoms like these and seeking treatment are key to restoring the skin back to health. In fact, many conditions, including skin cancer, can be caught early enough to address the problem before it becomes more serious. This is why existing moles that change in size, shape, and color require evaluation with a dermatological professional. A thorough skin evaluation can be done, a biopsy may be completed, and if patients are diagnosed with skin cancer, discussions regarding the best course of action for treatment begin. For many patients who find their cancer early, simple excision can get them on the road to health before the cancer cells spread.

Request an appointment with Kendall Dermatology

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