Examining skin birthmarks and moles on a female patient

Is Mohs surgery painful?

Patients with a diagnosis of skin cancer may be extremely worried about what to do after they have received the news. Luckily, skin cancer is one of the few types of cancer that may be noticeable and detectable in the earliest stages and easily treated before it becomes a serious issue. This is especially true when it comes to those who are proactive about their skin’s health and schedule annual skin cancer screenings with their dermatological team. The doctors at Kendall Dermatology in Miami, FL encourage all patients to be diligent about monitoring their skin for the signs of cancer and getting regular evaluations performed.

How is skin cancer created?

Many types of skin cancer found in the earlier stages can be easily removed with excision. Few patients may still need to undergo further treatments with an oncologist such as radiation and chemotherapy. For cancer that is located in a highly noticeable area where scarring and disfigurement may occur, it may be more appropriate for a patient to consider Mohs micrographic surgery. This is a specific type of surgery that removes as little healthy skin as possible while ensuring all cancerous cells are successfully removed. It requires a dermatologist to remove skin layer by layer and evaluate each sample to remove as much of the cancerous cells as possible while reducing the damage caused to the surrounding skin.

Is Mohs micrographic surgery painful?

Because the procedure is performed with local anesthetics, the surgery itself is not painful. However, patients may be uncomfortable as the skin around the incisions heal, but this is often well-tolerated by most of the patient who undergo treatment.

Learn more about Mohs micrographic surgery and the benefits it can provide

Patients of the Miami, FL area who are diagnosed with skin cancer may find Mohs micrographic surgery to be extremely beneficial in addressing returning or stubborn cases of skin cancer in highly visible areas. Drs. Aaron Coulon, Andrew Dorizas, and Michael C. Margulies of Kendall Dermatology can offer advice as to the  best treatment for a patient’s unique skin cancer situation. Call the office at (305) 595-0393 to book a consultation appointment at 9408 SW 87th Avenue, Suite #300.

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