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Is Restless Leg Syndrome Related To Varicose Veins?

At Kendall Dermatology in Miami, FL, we see patients on a regular basis who are worried or affected by varicose veins. These large veins can cause a host of problems and symptoms that may be bothersome. In fact, many patients have questions about these veins, including a potential link to restless leg syndrome.

Is restless leg syndrome related to varicose veins?

The connection between restless leg syndrome and varicose veins is the subject of ongoing research. Varicose veins are a symptom of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). The results of one study highlighted a potential association between CVI and restless leg syndrome. It found that treating superficial venous reflux, which often presents as varicose veins, improved RLS symptoms. So, treatment for varicose veins may help to reduce the severity of restless leg syndrome.

What treatments are used to treat varicose veins?

At Kendall Dermatology of Miami, FL, patients can learn about various treatment options available for treating varicose veins–and even spider veins. The most common treatment is sclerotherapy which can be performed in the traditional manner or with laser alternatives.

  • Traditional sclerotherapy. With traditional sclerotherapy, our doctors will administer a sclerosing solution directly into the varicose veins. This solution will cause irritation to the lining of the vein, leading to the vein collapsing and eventually being reabsorbed by the body.
  • Laser sclerotherapy. With laser sclerotherapy, our doctors will direct high-frequency energy waves at the affected veins. This causes the treated veins to collapse and eventually be reabsorbed by the body.

What are some tips for living with varicose veins?

In addition to seeking treatment from an experienced dermatologist, patients can also take some steps at home to help reduce their symptoms and improve their overall quality of life. Some tips for living with varicose veins include:

  • Wearing loose-fitting clothing.
  • Elevating your legs when possible.
  • Avoiding long periods of standing or sitting.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Wearing compression stockings.
  • Making sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, bioflavonoids, and vitamin E.

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