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Treatment for Psoriasis

Margulies Dermatology provides full-service care for patients with certain dermatological conditions, including those with psoriasis. Psoriasis is a common skin condition that results in the overdevelopment of skin cells. Skin cells that form faster than normal will result in a buildup that causes the formation of itchy, red patches on various parts of the body. This condition is chronic and does not currently have a cure, though there are effective treatment options available. Dr. Michael C. Margulies and his team in Miami, FL work routinely with patients who are diagnosed with this condition and are seeking management solutions. 

Will I always have psoriasis? 

We find that most patients who develop psoriasis will experience it throughout their lives. With an effective treatment plan, many patients can keep it under control and reduce their embarrassment, especially when patches are in highly visible areas. Dr. Michael C. Margulies and his team are here to assist. 

How is psoriasis treated? 

A Miami, FL area dermatologist can diagnosis psoriasis in patients and offer effective treatment options to manage it. Due to the fact that this condition cannot be cured, finding a treatment plan that reduces flare-ups and ensures comfort is vital. The goal of treatment is to slow the growth of excess skin cells. Patients with mild cases of psoriasis may be able to reduce itching with over-the-counter cortisone cream and reduced exposure to sunlight.

Patients with more moderate to severe cases will want to ask about other therapies which may include: 

  •         Oral or injectable medications
  •         Prescription strength topicals
  •         Biologic treatments
  •         Systemic treatments
  •         Light or phototherapy

How do I learn more about which psoriasis treatment is right for me? 

With the help of our team at Margulies Dermatology, patient in the area of Miami, FL can work directly with a professional to determine the treatment plan most appropriate for their type of psoriasis and severity. Call (305) 595-0393 to request an appointment at our practice, conveniently located at 8940 North Kendall Drive, Suite #704E. We are open to new and current patients and encourage you to seek treatment for your cosmetic and medical skin concerns with our experienced staff.   

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