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What causes redness in the face?

Dermatologists are professionals who deal with a wide range of skin conditions and disorders that can affect a patient’s appearance and skin health. Adult men and women who are struggling with redness in the face might be unaware of the cause of their condition and how to treat it. At Margulies Dermatology, Dr. Andrew Dorizas of Miami, Florida can help patients get a proper diagnosis and find a solution to their red ski.

What causes redness in the face?

Facial redness can be problematic for patients, especially if it occurs every day and is difficult to cover or disguise with cosmetics. Below are just a few of the more common causes of redness that we see in our practice, and ways to address them:

  • Rosacea – for many patients, rosacea causes chronic redness and skin sensitivity that can flare-up due to several different types of triggers, such as increased levels of stress or extreme changes in temperatures.
  • Eczema – eczema is a condition that can often cause dry patches of itchy skin, but might also contribute to redness of the face if not properly managed.
  • Allergic contact dermatitis – some patients will have an allergic reaction to something, and it is often seen in the face when certain cosmetics are used. Patients might notice facial redness along with itching and discomfort.
  • Over exfoliation – if you are regularly using certain products such as peels or masks that are designed to exfoliate, there is a chance you could be over exfoliating. Take care in using these products when you have dry or irritated skin as it can make the problem worse.
  • Acne – acne redness can also occur in skin that has papules and pustules. This redness may be difficult to address and manage without the help of a dermatologist.

Do you struggle with red skin?

If so, contact the team at Kendall Dermatology to get a proper diagnosis of your condition and find a treatment that works for you. The office is located at 9408 SW 87th Avenue Suite 300 Miami, FL, 33176 and accepts new and existing patients in the Miami, Florida area. Dr. Andrew Dorizas has years of experience and can provide patients with the information they need to find a solution to redness.

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