Young woman showing her itchy back with allergy rash

Why Do I Suddenly Have Contact Dermatitis?

Contact dermatitis is a skin condition that can occur when a patient has contact with an allergen. An allergen can be anything from a chemical in your lotion or a reaction to a plant such as poison ivy. Miami, FL area patients who find that they have suddenly have an itchy rash will want to work with a dermatologist to find a solution.

What are skin allergies?

Your body responds to allergens on the skin by developing itchy, red skin. It is your immune system accidently recognizing that the allergen is dangerous, causing a trigger to occur. Patients who have contact dermatitis, or skin allergies, may notice that when they come in contact with their particular allergen or trigger, they develop some of the following symptoms on the skin:

  • Hives
  • Scales
  • Stinging/burning sensation
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Intense itching
  • Rash
  • Blisters/sores

Contact with an irritate can cause any of these symptoms to arise.

How to address contact dermatitis

The primary way to avoid contact dermatitis is to avoid an allergen. But sometimes we don’t know what we are allergic to until our skin reacts in this way. Determining the trigger is the first step in clearing the skin. Patients can also use over-the-counter anti-itch cream such as hydrocortisone cream to help relieve itching and redness. However, patients who continue to have problems may have a more chronic condition known as eczema. Eczema can flare-up, causing periods of itching and redness. Working with a dermatologist in the Miami, FL area is the first step in learning more about how to care for your skin and get a proper diagnosis of your skin condition.

Are you in need of skin care in the Miami, FL area?

If you believe you have been exposed to an allergen that has caused a sudden onset of contact dermatitis, you can call our team today to book an appointment and find a solution to care for your skin. At Kendall Dermatology, our doctor is here to help! Call (305) 595-0393 to request a visit at 9408 SW 87th Avenue, Suite #300. Dr. Aaron Coulon assists both new and returning patients in their dermatology office.

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