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Common causes of skin diseases

Skin disorders and diseases can happen to anyone. However, getting a proper diagnosis of the type of condition that is present and finding an effective treatment is the best way to approach these skincare issues. Patients can also learn about the various reasons why these conditions develop, understanding their risk factors and getting a better …

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What to expect at your dermatology appointment

At Kendall Dermatology in Miami, FL, we provide a wide selection of services for patients. This includes concerns regarding the body, skin, hair, and nails. Our Miami, Florida area dermatologist, Dr. Andrew Dorizas, is a medical provider who can assist with general and cosmetic dermatology concerns, and is available for new patients who are interested …

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Is an itchy scalp normal?

Miami, Florida patients who are dealing with an itchy scalp fully understand how frustrating it can be. Excessive itchiness may be a sign of a problem that cannot be controlled with over-the-counter solutions. Dr. Michael Margulies and his team at Kendall Dermatology believe that an itchy scalp can be addressed once a proper diagnosis is …

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