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How to Eliminate Rosacea in 2023

Rosacea is a skin disorder characterized by blushing, broken blood vessels, and small bumps on your face. If you struggle with this irritating skin condition, you know just how annoying it can be to have a good skin day ruined by a flare-up.   At Kendall Dermatology, we’ve worked with countless patients to manage this common condition. …

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Tips To Help Rosacea Flare-ups

If you’re dealing with rosacea, chances are you’ve experienced a flare-up at some point. These flare-ups can cause your skin to itch and burn, making it difficult to enjoy daily activities like going outside or wearing makeup. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help manage these flare-ups. At Kendall Dermatology, our Miami …

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What to avoid when you have rosacea

Patients who have been diagnosed with rosacea will often find that this condition can be hard to manage. It can cause the facial skin to appear red and flushed, and it can’t always be covered with cosmetics to improve the skin’s aesthetics. Rosacea is a condition that can often flare-up due to certain triggers. Finding …

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Does stress trigger rosacea?

With the ways of our society these days, it’s easier than ever for adults to experience stress, burnout, and frustration on a daily basis. However, for men and women who have been diagnosed with rosacea, stress can be a trigger for their condition. Flare-ups of rosacea can cause Miami, FL area patients to feel embarrassed …

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