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When Is the Best Time to Get a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels are one of the most effective and customizable cosmetic services available, addressing everything from fine lines and wrinkles to acne scars to age spots to freckles. At Kendall Dermatology, our patients love the numerous benefits chemical peels provide. If you’re interested in trying this treatment, chemical peel timing is essential. Read on or call our Miami, Florida dermatology practice at 305-595–0393 to learn more.

What Age Is Best for a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels have varying strengths, so there isn’t a “best” age to get one. Younger patients often benefit from superficial chemical peels, which can reduce acne, minimize slight pigmentation issues, unclog deeply blocked pores, and lift away dead skin cells for a glowing complexion.

Medium facial peels are popular in the 30s to 50s age group. These peels do more to minimize fine lines and can treat moderate discoloration or texture issues. You might notice peeling for a couple of weeks after a medium peel.

Deep phenol chemical peels require the most planning since they require significant downtime. Therefore, they’re only used when patients have advanced signs of aging, deeper pitting, or significant pigmentation issues.

When Should I Schedule My Chemical Peel?

The right time to book your chemical peel depends on the strength. Peeling typically takes one to two weeks to resolve after light to medium treatments. However, you’ll likely be able to return to a desk job the day of or after your appointment. The most important thing is to avoid sun exposure after your chemical peel. You may also need to skip workouts for several days while your skin is peeling.

Deep peels often involve pre-treatment instructions to prepare your skin weeks in advance, then a minimum of two weeks of acute downtime. You’ll also need to avoid sun exposure and baby your skin for several months. Phenol peels should be scheduled well in advance of major events. No matter the peel you choose, our providers will give you detailed aftercare instructions to ensure you see the best results.

Book Your Chemical Peel in Miami, Florida

If now sounds like the right time for your chemical peel, call our Miami, Florida office at 305-595-0393 to book your appointment. Kendall Dermatology’s warm and welcoming providers pride themselves on delivering the highest quality, patient-centered care. Whether your needs are clinical or cosmetic, we love helping our patients look and feel their best.

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