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What to avoid when you have rosacea

Patients who have been diagnosed with rosacea will often find that this condition can be hard to manage. It can cause the facial skin to appear red and flushed, and it can’t always be covered with cosmetics to improve the skin’s aesthetics. Rosacea is a condition that can often flare-up due to certain triggers. Finding these triggers and avoiding them is sometimes the key to managing the skin and keeping it beautiful. Dr. Michael C. Margulies and his team at Margulies Dermatology are committed to providing patients with solutions, including educating them about common rosacea triggers. 

What is a trigger for rosacea? 

There are a wide range of triggers for patients with rosacea to consider. These include triggers such as food and beverages, activities, emotional states, weather conditions, and more. Below is a breakdown of some of the many triggers seen by Dr. Michael C. Margulies with his practice patients: 

  •         Foods and beverages – your diet and the items you enjoy may impact your rosacea and cause it to flare-up short-term. More common items include spicy foods, hot drinks, and alcoholic beverages.
  •         Activities – certain activities can cause the face to flush temporarily, and these include activities with heavy exertion, or hot saunas, baths, or whirlpool tubs.
  •         Weather conditions – the changing weather can also wreak havoc on the skin. Changes from extremely hot or cold can trigger a flare-up, as well as continued exposure to sunlight, wind, or humidity.
  •         Emotional states – patients who are experiencing sudden changes in emotions, such as embarrassment or laughing, might experience a short flare-up of rosacea. Rosacea may also occur with increased anxiety or stress.
  •         Other triggers – other triggers may include certain medical conditions such as menopause, or even skin products that might irritate the skin. Certain medications, including blood pressure medications, opiate painkillers, and topical steroids might also be a trigger for an individual with rosacea.

Are you struggling with managing your rosacea? 

Rosacea can be both bothersome and embarrassing for patients. By working with a dermatological professional such as Dr. Michael C. Margulies, patients can find solutions to meet their needs and help them keep their skin under control. Margulies Dermatology can be reached by calling (305) 595-0393 and scheduling an appointment with our provider, conveniently located in Miami, FL at 8940 North Kendall Drive, Suite #704E.

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