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Is skin cancer more common in the summer?

The summer season is known for sunny days spent outside enjoying graduation parties, family reunions, and picnics. However, this continued sun exposure can make it a time for patients to be exposing themselves to the risk of skin cancer. While skin cancer is not exactly more “common” in the summertime, the hours spent outdoors during this season can significantly increase one’s risk of being diagnosed with skin cancer in the future if they do not take the proper steps to protect the skin. Dr. Michael C. Margulies and his team at Kendall Dermatology in Miami, Florida want to take time to educate patients on how to protect their skin during the summer.

What type of skin cancer can I get?

There are three varieties of skin cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma—with melanoma being the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Depending on the type, stage, size, and location of the cancer, patients may treat it with excision, Mohs micrographic surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

How can I reduce my risk of skin cancer?

There are many ways in which patients can reduce their risk of developing skin cancer in the future. When a proactive approach is taken to protect the skin, patients can have a marked improvement in their chances of avoiding it or catching it early. Below are a few recommendations from Dr. Michael C. Margulies regarding skin protection:

  • Wear sunblock of at least 30 SPF every day on exposed skin, and reapply regularly when spending extended time outdoors
  • Avoid being in the sun during the times at which UV rays are at their highest, between the hours of 10am and 4pm
  • Wear protective clothing and hats to reduce sun exposure
  • Visit the dermatologist each year for a skin cancer screening

Why should I have annual skin cancer screenings performed?

Skin cancer is a condition that can be easier to spot in the earliest of stages. When patients book a routine skin cancer evaluation with the team at Kendall Dermatology, they are increasing the chances that they will find the condition early enough for successful intervention. Early diagnosis can significantly improve one’s ability to overcome cancer with treatment.

Schedule your skin cancer screening with Kendall Dermatology today!

At Kendall Dermatology in Miami, Florida, patients can have their skin checked regularly by a professional to ensure they are being proactive in detecting skin cancer. If you have not had a screening done within the last year, it’s time to make an annual appointment with a trained dermatologist. Contact the practice today by calling (305) 595-0393 and visiting the office at 8940 North Kendall Drive, Suite #704E.

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